Primordial Willow – An Organic Herbal Apothecary

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I own and operate an organic herbal apothecary. With my apothecary, I handcraft, in small batches, tea blends, infusion kits, body scrubs, herbal lotions, tinctures, syrups, lozenges, herb pillows, herbal infusion oils, and so much more. I can also make custom crafted products. If you’re interested in my products, click on the photo above to be redirected to my online herb store.

A Little About Primordial Willow (from the shop’s “about” page):

“My business began when I saw a need for affordable natural products geared towards families. It all began when I had my first child and couldn’t get over how expensive cloth diapers, nursing pads, postpartum teas, and the like were. I wanted so badly to raise my family in a healthy environment that was also sustainable and reduced how much we added to the landfills.

After a few years of creating my own herbal tea blends, hand-stitching nursing pads, making dream pillows to help with my childrens’ bad dreams, and the like, I finally felt confident enough to open my shop and sell these types of items.

My goal is to keep my products affordable and sustainable. I do this by using upcycled fabrics, reusable containers for my teas, and recycled packaging when I ship my products out to you. All of this helps me to keep my costs low, which I can pass on to you.

All of my items are gathered, crafted, and packaged in the most sustainable ways possible. I believe in supporting local farmers, as well as practicing bio-regional herbalism.

I, Danielle Lopez Newcomb, the owner and operator of this shop, am a trained herbalist in the Wise Woman Tradition. Everything in my shop is crafted, by hand, in small batches to ensure that the products are fresh and are of optimal quality.

I live in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas with my children. We are an unjobbing, unschooling, witchy family.”


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