Recommended Pregnancy Reading

This is a list of pregnancy-related books and information that I have found incredibly valuable as a mother, primal birth advocate, and as a doula-in-training.

Many of these books can be found on Amazon at a fair price. If there is a free audiobook or Ebook, I will add it on here by highlighting the title of the book that I have listed. 


Primal Birthing


  • Primal Mothering by Hygeia Halfmoon – This book was (and still is) extremely controversial. Ms. Halfmoon pushes past society norms and challenges women everywhere to become aware of, and embrace, their primal nature. 


Pregnancy Health & Nutrition

  • Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Years by Susun S. Weed – This book follows the Wise Woman Tradition of herbalism and is written by one of the most well-known herbalists in the field of women’s health. In her book, Ms. Weed provides information on fertility, conception, pregnancy prevention, healthy pregnancy, natural birth, and much more. This is a must-read book for herbalist, midwives, doulas, and expecting parents. 



  • Special Women – The Role of the Professional Labor Assistant by Paulina Perez and Cheryl Snedeker – This book was written for doulas, but is also a great read for expecting parents who are considering hiring a doula. 

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