Deities ABC’s for Children

Pagan God & Goddess ABC's for Witchlings

Lately I have been really interested in simple ways to teach my children the mythos of our ancestors. I decided a neat way to teach my kids the ABC’s, as well as teach them some lore, would be to incorporate the two together.

Below is a little alphabet I came up with featuring certain deities. My hope is that Aaron and Autumn will pick up some of the deity names while they are learning the alphabet. Maybe you can use this with your children as well.


A is for Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom

B is for Baldr, the God of Good Things

C is for Chiron, the Great Healer and Teacher

D is for Danu, the Mother of the Faeries

E is for Epona, the Protector of Horses

F is for Freyja, the Powerful War Goddess

G is for Gaia, the Earth Mother

H is for Hades, the Lord of the Dead

I is for Isis, the Goddess of Magic and Life

J is for Juno, the Goddess of Marriage

K is for Kali, the Goddess of Life and Rebirth

L is for Lilith, the Empowered Goddess

M is for Maat, the Goddess of Truth and Justice

N is for Nyx, the Night Mother

O is for Odin, the All-Father

P is for Poseidon, the Lord of the Sea

Q is for Quabso, the Goddess of the Moon and Rain

R is for Ra, the Sun God

S is for Selene, the Moon Goddess

T is for Thor, the Hammer-Weilding God of Thunder

U is for Uranus, the Sky Father

V is for Vishnu, the God of Souls and Incarnation

W is for Wohpe, the Goddess of Peace

X is for Xi Hou, the Goddess of the Sun

Y is for Yamuna, the River Goddess

Z is for Zeus, the Lord of the Sky

Primordial Willow

This was originally posted on my old blog, The Crunchy Pagan Mom Blog


7 thoughts on “Deities ABC’s for Children

  1. I might change it to D is for Dôn, for my kids, as she is the Welsh Mother Goddess and Welsh equivalent for Danu. She’s mother to a number of the Welsh Gods. And her children were the deities of light.

    I have started to think I may be called by Dôn, and it’s something I’m exploring.

    I have found exploring my own path while simultaneously guiding my children, to be an enormously fun challenge.


  2. I made a pagan ABC book for my kids. They are both named after a God & Goddess that starts with A so were excited to see that in there too. I am trying to find more kid resources for the gods and goddesses in kid books but there are not a lot!


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