Samhain 2014 and New Year Goals

newcomb pumpkin carving
My husband and kids carving our Samhain pumpkin.

Samhain this year for my family wasn’t very exciting. We didn’t do our usual feasting and ritual work. After the hectic month, all we wanted to do was lounge around and relax. So we decided to sit around, watch Halloween movies, eat candy, and just relax. We totally needed a time to spend together as a family and just relax without worrying about work or anything else.

The only traditional thing that we did do was light a candle and place it in the window to guide our ancestors. We lit the candle around 9:30pm and it went out on its own around midnight.

Normally, I would be pretty disappointed in myself for not having a proper Samhain planned, but frankly, I’m too exhausted to worry about it right now. I do have plans to do a small Dia de Los Muertos celebration tomorrow, but even that wont be as big as what I normally do.

This past month totally kicked me in the butt, so I just never got around to making plans. That’s okay, though. For me, holidays and sabbats are more about spending time with my family than anything else. I spent time with my family, didn’t stress about work (too much), and got to watch all of my favorite spooky shows. I say Samhain was a win this year.

As for my New Year goals, I haven’t spent a whole lot of time thinking over them. As of right now, I’m simply on survival mode. Surviving is my goal. I have a few work related goals, fitness goals, and things like that, but nothing too serious. I would like to spend more time this coming year planning for proper sabbats (ideally spending them with other local Pagans), but I have some time for that.

Honestly, my biggest goal right now is to get my Pagan homeschool curriculum up and running. It has taken me much longer than I had originally anticipated to work on it, and that irritates me. I am nearly finished with the first portion of it, so it should be ready near the end of this month. As of right now, that is my biggest goal.

How was your Samhain? What are your New Year goals? 


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