Sun-Inspired Yoga Poses for the Entire Family

Sun Inspired Yoga Poses for the Entire Family - Great for Litha and Yule!

Recently I was searching through numerous yoga books at my local library in an attempt to find yoga poses for the fam and I to do for Yule. I wanted sun-inspired poses so that the kids could learn through motion about the sun “dying” and the sun’s “rebirth”. My family and I love to do yoga daily, so I thought that teaching my toddlers yoga poses about the sun would be the best way to teach them about the Pagan ideas of Yule.

Here are a few of the poses I decided would be great for Yule:

Each one of these should be quite safe for children and adults alike, but use your own judgement when deciding if these would be right for you and your family.

For my family, I plan on beginning with the Half Sun Salutation, followed by the Star Pose. Then, we will ease into the Standing Sun Pose, and conclude with the Sun Salutation Pose (one of my faves!). For me, this seems like a good sequence to follow while explaining the story of the sun during Yule to the children.

If you’re interested in checking out a few child-friendly yoga books, I highly recommend these three:

  1. Children’s Book of Yoga by Thia Luby
  2. Yoga for Children by Lisa Flynn
  3. Like a Fish: Yoga for Children by Isabelle Koch

All three of these have been extremely useful guides for my family and I as we’ve embarked on practicing yoga together. Each of them provide excellent illustrations and are very easy to follow. The book by Lisa Flynn also provides excellent information about the benefits of yoga for children, while also providing evidence-based information to back up her claims.

What are some of your Yule plans this year? 


3 thoughts on “Sun-Inspired Yoga Poses for the Entire Family

    1. Hi Adaryn! My oldest was about 15 months old when he and I first started practicing yoga together. My youngest was about 11 months. My youngest definitely enjoys it more than my son, but he gets into it when it’s more entertaining (like doing fun animal shapes). You could honestly start with them once they’re past the “swaddling” phase of life. 🙂 Best of luck!


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