A Healthy Pantry Checklist

A Healthy Pantry Checklist - A Massive List of Healthy Foods to Keep on Hand + Printable!I often get asked what I would recommend to stock in a healthy foods pantry, so I decided to share my list with you all.

Some of you will probably scoff at my list and be like Wheat is bad for you! Haven’t you read Wheat Belly!?! or You totally shouldn’t eat canned goods, man! While I agree with you, for the most part, I have been hungry a time or two in my life; that is not something I want to revisit. I would much rather feed my family good-quality wheat products, or homemade canned goods (or organic canned goods), than watch them go hungry because of some sort of food stigma I have.

This pantry list is here for survival purposes. I don’t usually stockpile things like Rice a Roni, breakfast cereals, or really much of anything that has been overly processed. Instead, I try to stockpile whole food products that can be stretched and will help my family of 4 survive and thrive. If that means we have to eat a little bit of wheat when times get tough, then we’re going to be eating some good homemade wheat meals made from scratch.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this list, you’ll find a FREE printable that you can use to keep track of all of your delicious goods.


Steel Cut Oats (my family prefers these for stand-alone meal)

Old Fashioned Oats (my family prefers these for cookies, breads, and other baked goods)


Wheat Berries (for sprouting and grinding into flour)

Long Grain Brown Rice (My local grocery store will run specials on brown rice for under $.50 a pound. That’s usually when I stock up. I have yet to find it cheaper locally anywhere else.)

Long Grain Parboiled Rice (I usually get this in-bulk at Sam’s Club)

Long Grain White Rice (I usually get this in-bulk at Sam’s Club)

Wild Rice

Corn Meal

Quinoa (this is my family’s favorite brand)

Buckwheat (we prefer buckwheat for pancakes – this is the kind I usually buy)


Rye (for the occasional pumpernickel bread)

Baking Essentials

Baking Powder, aluminum free only

Baking Soda

Cocoa Powder

Cacao Powder

Carob Powder

Cacao Nibs


Arrowroot Powder (I use this in place of corn starch in all my recipes. It also works great for diaper rashes.)

Cream of Tarter

Kosher Salt

Sea Salt (I purchase this in-bulk and refill reusable salt shakers.)

Himalayan Pink Salt (I purchase this in-bulk and refill reusable salt shakers.)

Brewer’s Yeast

Nutritional Yeast


Unrefined Sugar

Brown Sugar (or make your own with molasses and sugar)

Blackstrap Molasses

Raw Local Honey (I stock up at my local health food store when I have the spare money. At my store, they give me a discount if I bring my own jar. Check with your local health food store to see if the offer a similar perk.)

Maple Syrup


Coconut Oil (this brand is Fair Trade Certified – I also like this brand and this brand)

Olive Oil

Flax Oil

Hemp Oil


Ghee (shelf-stable butter… seriously, this stuff is amaziballs)

Evaporated Milk

Powdered Milk

Canned Goods

(Preferably items you canned yourself, or organic canned goods)

Canned Tuna

Canned Salmon with bone

Canned Chicken

Canned Crab

Applesauce (homemade -crock pot recipe coming soon!)

Apple Pie Filling

Black Olives

Green Olives

Cranberry Sauce

Diced Tomatoes

Pomegranate Jelly (I get this at my local farmer’s market from a very lovely lady)

Apple Butter

Elderberry Jelly

Coconut Water (This is the kind my children and I prefer)

Tomato Sauce

Tomato Paste (I usually get this brand)

Orange Slices




Red Chilies

Green Chilies



Cream of Mushroom Soup (homemade)

Cream of Celery Soup (homemade)

Cream of Chicken Soup

Beef Broth (homemade)

Chicken Broth (homemade)

Vegetable Broth (homemade)

Spaghetti Sauce (homemade)

Alfredo Sauce (I like Newman’s Own brand)

Salsa (homemade)

Dried Fruit

(My husband usually dehydrates any bulk produce we get on sale. We rarely ever buy dried fruits, except for things like dates.)


Dates (I usually get Medjool Dates for raw food goodies)





Coconut flakes

Banana chips

Raw Nuts & Butters

Almond Butter

Cashew Butter

Peanut Butter

Cashews (these are my favorite kind of cashews)




Pine Nuts

Brazil Nuts

Macadamia Nuts




(I usually try to make homemade pasta, but it’s always nice to have pre-made noodles on hand. I also try to get gluten-free noodles whenever I can.)

Macaroni Noodles

Ramen Noodles (the real kind)

Angel Hair Pasta




Black Beans

Pinto Beans

Great Northern Beans

Kidney Beans

Garbanzo Beans



Broccoli seeds (for sprouting – we like these on sandwiches)

Alfalfa seeds (for sprouting)

Chia seeds

Flax seeds (I use flax eggs when I’m out of real eggs – I order these in-bulk from Mountain Rose and store in my fridge)

Hemp seeds (these go great in smoothies and on yogurt – again, order in-bulk, store in fridge)

Sesame seeds (for homemade bagels and other treats)

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds (my family and I like these in homemade trail mixes)


(I usually only stock homemade condiments, unless I can get condiments for free. My family and I are still finishing off ketchup that I bought a year ago for free after a sale + coupon – we had over 20 jars!)

Coconut Aminos



BBQ Sauce

Dried Herbs

(I keep way more herbs than this on hand, but this is a decent list of culinary herbs. I also usually purchase my herbs whole and grind them myself, saving a little bit of money, while also preserving freshness. I also keep a lot of spicy herbs on hand, because I like hot food. You might not need to keep so many spicy items on hand, depending on your family’s heat preference.)

Sweet Basil





Black Peppercorn









Garlic Powder (preferably homemade)

Onion Powder (preferably homemade)

Lemon Thyme

Mustard Seeds



Fenugreek (aside from lactation benefits, I like to use fenugreek in recipes for it’s maple-like flavoring)

Poppy Seeds

Red Pepper Chili Flakes


Cumin (My family goes through cumino like crazy!)



Cilantro leaves

Bay Leaves (I use these for culinary and magical purposes, so I try to keep a large supply on hand)

Celery Seeds


Lime peel

Lemon peel

Grapefruit peel

Orange peel

Marshmallow root (for homemade marshmallows)



Rose petals (for rose water)

Lavender flowers (for lavender water – this makes for some lovely cupcakes)


Vanilla Bean (for homemade vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, and other goodies)


Seasoning Blends

Cinnamon & Sugar (for snickerdoodles, oatmeal, and other goodies)

Cajun Seasoning (homemade)

Lemon Pepper

Chicken Bullion

Beef Bullion


White Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (this is the kind I use – I always purchase it in glass jars, instead of the plastic jugs, so that I can reuse the jars for herbal oils.)

Balsamic Vinegar

Brown Rice Vinegar (I like to add this to my bone broth)


Bottled water (only for extreme situations)

Stored filtered water

Herbal Teas (far too many to list here, but you can check out a few that I like to keep on hand here.)

Southern-style tea (For my husband and when friends visit. I do live in Arkansas, after all. It would be deemed rude if I didn’t keep iced tea on hand.)

Vodka (For tinctures, wounds, and other medicinal things.)

Rum (For mother’s sanity.)

Tequila (For father’s sanity – margaritas, anyone?)

Beer, wine, etc.. (For general sanity and because it all tastes good. Oh, and occasionally for cooking.)

AND, because I’m such a nice person, I’ve created a free printable pantry list for you to use to keep track of all of your goodies, what you have on hand, and what you need to purchase to restock your product.

Pantry Checklist

What are some items you like to keep on hand? 

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A Healthy Pantry Checklist + Printable!


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