How You Can Support This Blog

I don’t blog to make money. While I make a little bit of money from sponsors and such, making money off of this blog has never been a driving factor behind this blog’s creation. My intentions with this blog is to provide my readers with a safe place to come to in relation to all things home and hearth and goddess. If I ever do advertise a product on my blog, it will only be a product that I have tested and that I love.

If you’re interested in helping me and my family out, check out the links below to discover some of the ways you can help:

Amazon Wish List

Some of my readers have been able to support my family and I through the A Team’s Amazon wish list that I keep active, and I thank them so very much for that.

The things on this list are only things that the kids need or want. Most of the items are things that they’ll use throughout homeschooling, such as books and supplies. Any little bit of help in getting the things they need for school helps me make awesome homeschooling posts later. 😉


Primordial Willow Doula

I own and operate an organic herbal apothecary on Etsy. We specialize in organic, handcrafted herbal goodies for medicinal and magical uses.

Some of the products we carry in our store include herbal massage oils, herbal stuffed dream & sleep pillows, herbal tea blends, herbal body scrubs, tinctures, salves, and much more.

P.S., if you’re in the Northwest Arkansas area, I’m also a doula under the same business name.

You can find Primordial Willow Doula here.


I have been a writer on HubPages for several years now. This site is one of the many that helped me get my toes wet in the world of online freelance writing.

At HubPages, I write articles and receive a commission every month based off of how many views I received, comments, likes, shares, items purchased from the ads on my articles, and more.

HubPages is a very easy way to help support my family and I. All you have to do is check out some of my articles. You can find the link to my HubPages site here.

P.S. My pen name is Daniella Lopez on Hubpages.


One way that you can help us out is through donation. My PayPal account is danienewcomb (at) gmail (dot) com. Please be sure to mark it as a gift and let me know that you are a blog follower! ❤

constant content 

Like HubPages, this is another site that I have been writing at for some time now. Unlike HubPages, this is not a site that I receive revenue based on clicks and likes. This is a site that you can purchase whole articles that I have written. If you run a blog, website, or magazine, this is a useful way to find articles without having to write them yourself.

My article prices are typically $50 for you to have full rights to the article. Prices vary for smaller uses.

You can find my page on constant content here.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for taking the time to read this and for any contributions you might be able give. Thank you for all your support, readership, comments, and everything else that you do to help make this blog function. Thank you!

If there’s any way my family and I can possibly help you with some of the skills that we have, please feel free to message me at danienewcomb at gmail dot com


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