My Homeschooling WAHM Daily Routine (In Pictures)

Big A is in preschool now, so I’ve been trying to establish a better daily homeschool routine in conjunction with my daily work routine. In reality, we’re more along the line of unschoolers, but he does do a bit of workbook practice every couple of days. We don’t homeschool every day, but something productive does happen at least 3 or 4 days out of the week. Even when we’re not doing something structured, learning always abounds.

Sleepy Heads

The days end and begin with cosleeping. Both of my kids (ages 3 and 2) still sleep with me. The only time they’ve ever slept away from me in another room was when I was miscarrying Baby Arthur. Once my body healed, they were back in the room with me.

Now that their father and I no longer live together, they usually sleep in bed with me. I also have a Pack ‘N’ Play in our room that I occasionally will put one of them in if they’re being rowdy, but otherwise, the three of us (plus the little one growing in my belly) all sleep together every night.

Since I work from home and we homeschool, I don’t really have a set time that we try to get up at every morning. We usually automatically wake up at around 7 or 8, but if we had a rough night (like Little a’s late night teething fits as of late), we’ll sleep in.

Healthy breakfast for toddler

After waking up and getting ready for the day, we always try to start off with a healthy breakfast. This usually consists of fruit, protein, a grain, and some veggies (I know, I know, cucumbers are a fruit…). Sometimes we have local eggs as our protein, but often times we have nut butter on toast. Occasionally we’ll have a little treat by eating a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast.

I usually try to make a little game with our food by having the kids help me count out the grapes or blueberries that I put on each child’s plate. By having them count with me, they know that each one is getting the same amount, while also working on their counting. Win, Win!

Walk with the stroller

After breakfast and a bit of housework, we go for an hour walk. Since we’re back in the city, the kids usually chill out in the stroller while I walk. I’ll have them walk a portion of the way that’s not so traffic dense so they’re getting exercise, too.

Autumn tattoos

After our walk, the kids will do a bit of independent play while I do housework, check emails, schedule social media posts, and whatever other smaller activities I might have lined up for work that day. Sometimes the A Team gets a little carried away when it comes to independent play (like when Little a found my colored pens), but they always manage to have fun.

Strawberry Cacao Smoothie BlendAfter independent play and minor work, the kids and I usually break for lunch. Lunch is almost always smoothies, because they’re easy, they’re healthy, and this mama is way too damned exhausted to fix elaborate meals three times a day. The kids really like it when I make cacao smoothies, but I try to not make those every time, despite my love for chocolate.

Meals are always spent together. We leave the TV off, the cell phone put away, and just sit around and focus on our meal and each other. Sometimes we’ll read a book, but most times we just sit around and talk, even if I don’t always understand what the A Team is rambling on about.

Litte a Potty Training

Throughout the day, I work with the kids on learning life skills. They help me put away dishes, dust, pick up their toys, make the bed, fold laundry, and so on. Potty training also somehow manages to get done during the day. Thankfully both of my kids are pretty self-disciplined and motivated for toddlers, so they’re both great at cleaning up after themselves without being told (but we have our days…).

Little a During Nap TIme

Sometime after lunch, Little a takes a nap. Normally she’ll go off to the bedroom on her own when she’s tired, but sometimes she’ll ask me to go with her and stay there until she falls asleep. Big A is pretty much past the nap stage, so while she’s napping, he’ll work on his workbooks. If I’m with her, that’s when he gets a special treat of watching one of his favorite TV shows (PAW Patrol and Peppa Pig are his current faves).

Aaron and Autumn Unschooling

Sometimes Little a skips nap time, or just takes one later than usual. When this happens, she’ll do tot school activities while Big A works out of one of his workbooks. Usually she just colors or she’ll practice holding a crayon properly. Big A’s workbooks usually consists of letter tracing.

While Big A is doing workbook activities, I take a break from work. He’s still young enough that he pretty much needs my undivided attention while he completes the activities in the book.

Throughout the day, I’ll mix speaking in Spanish and English to the kids, so they’re both fluent in each. Neither really speaks much Spanish, but they certainly know what this Latina is saying when she’s trying to get her point across.

Big A on Puzzles

After workbook practice, we’ll sit and have a snack. Our snacks are usually something fermented, like sauerkraut. On very rare occasions we’ll have a special treat during snack, like a Pop Tart, but those occasions are quite rare. When we’re done with our snacks, it’s back to independent play. Sometimes Big A likes to work on puzzles during this time.

Little a coloring

Little a usually likes to color during independent play. Sometimes I’ll turn on the TV so they can watch one of their favorite shows. Usually I take this time to get some actual ghostwriting done, since they’re both calm and focused on their play.

Having fun

If the day happens to be a Saturday, we go out and get our shopping done and hang out with my mom. Both of my kids absolutely hate shopping, but my mom likes to make it fun for them.

Autumn and the baby

Dinner happens around 6pm on most days. We usually have something Cuban, like arroz con pollo. This is the only meal that I really try to get all Martha Stewart with. If we have leftovers from a previous night, we’ll finish them off during dinner.

After we eat, we just chill out for a little bit and have some family time. Lately Little a has been really curious about why my belly continues to grow. Usually after dinner, we’ll sit down and she rubs my belly and asks a bunch of questions in two year old speak. I try to answer them the best that I can, but I’m not sure if I have her convinced yet that she’s no longer going to be the baby of the family.

Outdoor fun

Living in Arkansas means it’s always hot. After dinner, we’ll spend a little time outside since the temperature goes down a little bit after 5. The kids love being outdoors, thus ensues more independent play.

We have a completely fenced in back porch that the kids can’t get out of, so I’ll leave the door leading to the outside open and work on cleaning the house while they play. When I’m done, I’ll sit outside with them and play with them or work on emails and social media posts. If it’s sunny, I like to sunbathe and get some much needed vitamin D for my growing little baby.

As the sun begins to set, we’ll head back inside and work on getting ready for bed. Sometimes this involves taking showers, but we don’t bathe daily. Only if we get really icky do we bathe on a daily basis. Otherwise, a good wipe down of the important areas with a wet rag is all we need.

The kids handle brushing their teeth (with supervision), combing their hair, and all the other personal hygiene tasks they need to complete before going to bed.

Before they got to bed, they’re required to put away all of their toys. I don’t like a messy house. In fact, I might be a little OCD sometimes when it comes to clutter… Regardless, my goal is to teach the kids the importance of keeping a clean space. While they’re picking up their toys, I do my best to set an example and finish up any household cleaning tasks that might still be lingering.

After the toys are cleaned up, I take the kids to bed and read them a story. They love Curious George and Dr. Seuss books, so that’s usually what they pick out for our night time reading. Once we finish story time, it’s lights out.

Little a with Mama

When the kiddos are asleep is when I get the bulk of my work done (like I’m doing right now at midnight). Occasionally I’ll end up with someone who decides they’re going to be a night owl (almost always Little a) and I have to work around them. Both of my kids have learnt that when I’m working, I need them to be quiet and respectful. They’re both good at entertaining themselves, even if they sometimes end up sitting on my lap to do so while I work.

Work usually keeps me up anywhere from midnight to well past 2 in the morning. Staying up this late is certainly not ideal (especially on the mornings when Big A likes to wake me up at 6am), but it’s what I have to do to make things work for us. I honestly really enjoy what I do and the time that I spend with my kids. Even though I sometimes feel like a pregnant zombie, having the privilege of running my own business while watching my children learn and grow is absolutely priceless.

What does your daily routine look like? 

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My Homeschooling WAHM Daily Routine

When Goodbye Doesn’t Mean Forever


I’m not good with sharing deeply personal things on my blog. Actually, I’m terrible at sharing personal things, period. Talking about my homeschooling style, how awesome my little punks are, and the other day-to-day happenings of my life are not too difficult for me to write about. But when it comes to things that rip me apart, I tend to keep it all inside, or only share it with a few close friends and family.

Even though it’s so hard to talk about the personal things, I know that it will be better for me to get it out and off of my chest. Talking to the few friends and family that I hold oh-so-dear to me has helped, but I also need to explain what is going on in my life on this little ‘ole blog, since what is happening will hugely impact what I write about and the way that I write for a while.

The children and I are moving back to Arkansas, but Viking Man won’t be moving with us.

This is so hard to write about, so I’m just going to keep this post short. I don’t want to go into major detail over what has happened, why it has happened, or anything like that. All I want to do for now is let it out, that a way my readers’ don’t begin to ask why I’m back in Arkansas, why I’m not mentioning my husband much, and all of that.

He and I still love each other very much. It’s because we love each other that we’re doing this. We’ve been struggling for a very long time now and we’ve mutually agreed that this is probably what is best for our family at the moment.

We’re not getting a divorce. We want our marriage to work. But the issues that we’re having go much deeper than our marriage and require some space to work through them. Ultimately, we want to keep our family whole and happy, which is why we have felt that it is best to be apart in order to heal from past traumas.

Like the title of this post points out, goodbye doesn’t always mean forever. This is one of those times that we’re saying goodbye, but we say it with the hope that we’ll be able to say hello again very soon.

The kids and I are moving back to Arkansas, but it will be less than a half day’s drive to visit Viking Man in Missouri, so we plan on doing that often. Even if this takes a while for us to work through the issues, I want to be near enough that we can still see him.

I’m not writing this for sympathy, shock, or anything else like that. I just need some room to breathe and writing has always helped me with that. By writing this, I’m hoping to finally, after all these long months, be able to take in a deep breath of air and feel some comfort and healing.

As always, thank you for your continued readership. It really means a lot to me that you took the time to read this just to know a little of what is going on in my life.

Green blessings to you all.