Summer Solstice Printables for Adults and Kids

Free Summer Solstice Printables for Adults and Kids

Printables are a new thing for me to feature here at Primordial Willow, but I’ve been trying to spread my blogging skills out even further by offering unique (and usually free) products to my readers.

The printables I have made for today’s post feature a printable that compliments my Pagan Preschool Homeschool Curriculum, as well as one additional printable for all of you lovely Witches to be able to use in your Book of Shadows. Both of these printables are in the spirit of Litha/Summer Solstice, making them perfect in and out of a homeschool setting.

Below are the links to the printables (which are totally free!)…

Litha Matching Game for Preschoolers

Litha Matching Game

Litha Quick Overview Sheet for Book of Shadows

Litha Cheat Sheet

If you’re having trouble printing these, email me I will send you attachments that should work! You can reach me at primordialwillowblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

Introducing Bitty A – Plus Ultrasound Pictures!

Introducing Bitty A!

After much time and debate, I decided to get an ultrasound done. I’m actually rather glad I did! I never had an ultrasound performed during Little a’s pregnancy, which was a wonderful experience, but things are quite different in my life now than they were back then, so an ultrasound made sense.

It was also during the ultrasound that I officially decided on a name for this little one to be referred to here on Primordial Willow. The name is…. Bitty A! So I now have Big A, Little a, and Bitty A to complete my little A Team!

Bitty A's Hands and Legs

Bitty A was very willing to flash us with genitalia, so we were quickly able to discern that I am indeed having another boy (not that gender really mattered to me). All of his stats were excellent and he’s right on track for growth for his age, which is 26 weeks.

My “due date” is September 25th, but as I’m sure most of you are aware, babies come when they are ready to, so I will just have to work towards preparing for his arrival in the September/October range.

I have a midwife for this pregnancy. She’s a wonderful local midwife who has been practicing for over 30 years! On our first meeting together she and I immediately clicked, so I doubt we’ll have any issues. She actually trained the midwife I had with Little a, so I was already rather familiar with her before ever hiring her.

While I would have loved to have had an unassisted birth, it just didn’t seem like the best decision for me at this time. Between my miscarriage and separating from my husband, it just felt right to try to have the support of a midwife while I give birth to this little blessing. I did discuss with my midwife my desire to have a very hands off birth experience and she was fully on board with that decision, which makes me feel like I’ll still get to achieve some of what I was wanting out of an unassisted birth.

Bitty A

I haven’t completely decided on a name for him yet, but I am leaning towards a couple. I plan on waiting to officially have a name for him until after he is born, just so I can make sure that the names I have picked for him will be a good match. Like with Little a, I’m leaning more towards earthier names, and of course, his name will start with an A!

Right now I’m just taking things one day at a time and trying to prepare for this little one as best as I can, while also juggling my packed schedule. I’m having to search for a larger vehicle, as my current car isn’t going to be able to haul 3 car seats around. I’m likely going to become one of those dreaded minivan mothers I swore I would never become… Next will come Mom Jeans, I’m sure.

Overall, I’ve felt pretty great this pregnancy. My life has been rather crazy this pregnancy. Most days I survive on about 4 hours of sleep, but I do feel healthy and happy with this little guy. My current goals are to just continue working as much as I can while taking care of myself and my other littles, as well as getting enough cloth diapers stocked up in time before Bitty A makes his big arrival. Oh, and to avoid Mom Jeans at all costs, even if I have to resort to driving a minivan…

Me at 25 Weeks with Bitty A

105 Fun & Unique Pagan Baby Names

105 Fun & Unique Pagan Baby Names

Have you been searching for a fun and unique baby name that’s suitable for your little witchling? I know I sure have with this pregnancy. It can be quite the challenge to find the right name, with the right meaning, that isn’t overused or has a strong Biblical meaning. Not that Biblical baby names are a bad thing. Both my oldest son and I have Biblical names. But Pagans tend to want something that follows more in line with their beliefs when it comes to naming their children.

While I was searching for names for my little Witchling, I came across some lovely names that I thought my fellow Witches would enjoys. Not all of them are names derived from trees, plants, and other aspects of nature. Some are names that you’ve probably heard of quite regularly, but had no idea they had awesome meanings or mythical figures attached to the name.

If you’ve been searching for the right Pagan name, look no further. I’ve compiled this massive list (over 100 names!) of Pagan baby names that work well for boys, girls, or gender-neutral. Of course, if you can’t find the right name in this list, you could always wait until the arrival of your little Witchling to decide then. to your little Witchling!

Green blessings and congrats to you and your family on your little Witchling!

Boy Names

  1. Aiken: Hebrew name meaning “oaken”.
  2. Albus: Latin name meaning “white, bright”.
  3. Arthur: An Old English name meaning “bear man”.
  4. Basil: An herb.
  5. Birch: A tree.
  6. Berengar: Germanic name meaning “bear spear”.
  7. Bran: Irish name meaning “raven”.
  8. Briar: English word for a thorny plant.
  9. Cedar: The tree.
  10. Cedric: Old English name meaning “loved”.
  11. Draco: Greek name meaning “dragon”.
  12. Elon: Hebrew name meaning “oak”.
  13. Evander: Greek name meaning “good man”. Evander was a hero of the Trojan War.
  14. Finley: Scottish name meaning “fair warrior”.
  15. Gavin: Medieval form of Gawain.
  16. Gawain: Meaning unknown, but Gawain was one of the Knights of King Arthur’s Round Table.
  17. Jasper: Persian name meaning “treasurer”.
  18. Merlin: English name meaning “sea fortress”.
  19. Logan: Scottish name meaning “little hollow”.
  20. Myrddin: Welsh form of Merlin.
  21. Orion: The constellation.
  22. Percival: Meaning unknown, but Percival was one of the Knights of the Round Table.
  23. Phelan: Irish name meaning “little wolf”.
  24. Ridge
  25. Ronan: Irish name meaning “little seal”.
  26. Valerian: An herb.
Little a's real name is Autumn Dawn. We waited to name her until after she was born and we had gotten to know her a bit.
Little a’s real name is Autumn Dawn. We waited name her until after she was born and we had gotten to know her a bit.

Girl Names

  1. Adelle: English name meaning “noble”.
  2. Aglaia: Greek name meaning “beauty”. Aglaia was one of the Graces in Greek Mythology.
  3. Ambrosia: Greek name meaning “immortal”.
  4. Amethyst: A gemstone.
  5. Aradia: The name of an Italian witch popularized in Charles Leland’s book “Gospel of the Witches”.
  6. Astra: Greek name meaning “star”.
  7. Astrid: Derived from an Old Norse name meaning “beautiful, beloved”.
  8. Aurora: Latin name meaning “dawn”.
  9. Autumn: The season.
  10. Avalon: An island in Arthurian legend.
  11. Belladonna: A poisonous herb, often found in flying ointments.
  12. Betony: A minty plant.
  13. Branwen: Welsh name meaning “beautiful raven”.
  14. Brighid: Irish name meaning “exalted one”.
  15. Calendula: An herb.
  16. Celeste: Italian name meaning “of the sky”.
  17. Dawn
  18. Evangeline: Greek name meaning “good news”.
  19. Fae: Another name for the fairy folk.
  20. Flora: Latin word meaning “flower”.
  21. Gaia: Greek name meaning “earth”.
  22. Hazel: A tree.
  23. Hibiscus: An herb.
  24. Holly: A tree.
  25. Iris: Greek word meaning “rainbow”.
  26. Isolde: Celtic name meaning “fair one”.
  27. Jade: A precious stone.
  28. Jasmine: A fragrant flower.
  29. Kiva: A ceremonial structure used by the Pueblo.
  30. Laurel/Laurelle/Lorelle: A tree.
  31. Lavanya: Sanskrit name meaning “beauty, grace”.
  32. Leilani: Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly flowers”.
  33. Lilith: Akkadian name meaning “of the night”.
  34. Lilitu: Assyrian name meaning “night”.
  35. Lobelia: An herb.
  36. Luna: Latin form of “moon”.
  37. Maeve: Irish name meaning “intoxicating”.
  38. Marigold: The flower.
  39. Moon
  40. Morgana: English name meaning “sea”.
  41. Ophelia: Greek name meaning “help”
  42. Patchouli: An herb.
  43. Persephone: Greek name with unknown meaning. Persephone is the Greek goddess of Spring, Queen of the Underworld, and wife of Hades.
  44. Poppy: The flower.
  45. Raven: A bird.
  46. Rhea: Greek name of unknown origin. Rhea was a titan in Greek Mythology.
  47. Rosalind: Latin name meaning “beautiful rose”.
  48. Rose: The flower.
  49. Rosemary: An herb.
  50. Rue: An herb.
  51. Saffron: A spice.
  52. Sapphira: Alternative form of “Sapphire”.
  53. Scarlette/Scarlett/Scarlet: English word for the color red.
  54. Sitara: Hindi name meaning “star”.
  55. Soleil: French name meaning “sun”.
  56. Spring: Old English name meaning “to burst forth, to leap”, can be named after the body of water or the season.
  57. Summer: The season.
  58. Tansy: A flower
  59. Terra: Latin name meaning “earth”.
  60. Thalia: Greek name meaning “to blossom”. Thalia was the name of one of the three Graces.
  61. Thyme: An herb.
  62. Willow: A tree.
  63. Winter/Wynter: The season.
Herbs are always a great item to turn to when searching for earthy baby names.
Herbs are always a great item to turn to when searching for earthy baby names.

Unisex Names

  1. Avery: Old English name meaning “elf ruler”.
  2. Ember
  3. Flax: An herb.
  4. Lark: A bird.
  5. Mullein: An herb.
  6. Pax: Latin name meaning “peace”.
  7. Peta: Greek name meaning “stone”.
  8. Rain/Rayne
  9. River
  10. Robin: After the bird, or a diminutive of Robert, which means “bright fame”.
  11. Rowan: The tree.
  12. Sage: An herb.
  13. Suma: An herb.
  14. Sky/Skye
  15. Morgan: Old Welsh name meaning “sea”.
  16. Yarrow: An herb.

Do you have a favorite Pagan/Witchy/Earthy baby name?