105 Fun & Unique Pagan Baby Names

105 Fun & Unique Pagan Baby Names

Have you been searching for a fun and unique baby name that’s suitable for your little witchling? I know I sure have with this pregnancy. It can be quite the challenge to find the right name, with the right meaning, that isn’t overused or has a strong Biblical meaning. Not that Biblical baby names are a bad thing. Both my oldest son and I have Biblical names. But Pagans tend to want something that follows more in line with their beliefs when it comes to naming their children.

While I was searching for names for my little Witchling, I came across some lovely names that I thought my fellow Witches would enjoys. Not all of them are names derived from trees, plants, and other aspects of nature. Some are names that you’ve probably heard of quite regularly, but had no idea they had awesome meanings or mythical figures attached to the name.

If you’ve been searching for the right Pagan name, look no further. I’ve compiled this massive list (over 100 names!) of Pagan baby names that work well for boys, girls, or gender-neutral. Of course, if you can’t find the right name in this list, you could always wait until the arrival of your little Witchling to decide then. to your little Witchling!

Green blessings and congrats to you and your family on your little Witchling!

Boy Names

  1. Aiken: Hebrew name meaning “oaken”.
  2. Albus: Latin name meaning “white, bright”.
  3. Arthur: An Old English name meaning “bear man”.
  4. Basil: An herb.
  5. Birch: A tree.
  6. Berengar: Germanic name meaning “bear spear”.
  7. Bran: Irish name meaning “raven”.
  8. Briar: English word for a thorny plant.
  9. Cedar: The tree.
  10. Cedric: Old English name meaning “loved”.
  11. Draco: Greek name meaning “dragon”.
  12. Elon: Hebrew name meaning “oak”.
  13. Evander: Greek name meaning “good man”. Evander was a hero of the Trojan War.
  14. Finley: Scottish name meaning “fair warrior”.
  15. Gavin: Medieval form of Gawain.
  16. Gawain: Meaning unknown, but Gawain was one of the Knights of King Arthur’s Round Table.
  17. Jasper: Persian name meaning “treasurer”.
  18. Merlin: English name meaning “sea fortress”.
  19. Logan: Scottish name meaning “little hollow”.
  20. Myrddin: Welsh form of Merlin.
  21. Orion: The constellation.
  22. Percival: Meaning unknown, but Percival was one of the Knights of the Round Table.
  23. Phelan: Irish name meaning “little wolf”.
  24. Ridge
  25. Ronan: Irish name meaning “little seal”.
  26. Valerian: An herb.
Little a's real name is Autumn Dawn. We waited to name her until after she was born and we had gotten to know her a bit.
Little a’s real name is Autumn Dawn. We waited name her until after she was born and we had gotten to know her a bit.

Girl Names

  1. Adelle: English name meaning “noble”.
  2. Aglaia: Greek name meaning “beauty”. Aglaia was one of the Graces in Greek Mythology.
  3. Ambrosia: Greek name meaning “immortal”.
  4. Amethyst: A gemstone.
  5. Aradia: The name of an Italian witch popularized in Charles Leland’s book “Gospel of the Witches”.
  6. Astra: Greek name meaning “star”.
  7. Astrid: Derived from an Old Norse name meaning “beautiful, beloved”.
  8. Aurora: Latin name meaning “dawn”.
  9. Autumn: The season.
  10. Avalon: An island in Arthurian legend.
  11. Belladonna: A poisonous herb, often found in flying ointments.
  12. Betony: A minty plant.
  13. Branwen: Welsh name meaning “beautiful raven”.
  14. Brighid: Irish name meaning “exalted one”.
  15. Calendula: An herb.
  16. Celeste: Italian name meaning “of the sky”.
  17. Dawn
  18. Evangeline: Greek name meaning “good news”.
  19. Fae: Another name for the fairy folk.
  20. Flora: Latin word meaning “flower”.
  21. Gaia: Greek name meaning “earth”.
  22. Hazel: A tree.
  23. Hibiscus: An herb.
  24. Holly: A tree.
  25. Iris: Greek word meaning “rainbow”.
  26. Isolde: Celtic name meaning “fair one”.
  27. Jade: A precious stone.
  28. Jasmine: A fragrant flower.
  29. Kiva: A ceremonial structure used by the Pueblo.
  30. Laurel/Laurelle/Lorelle: A tree.
  31. Lavanya: Sanskrit name meaning “beauty, grace”.
  32. Leilani: Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly flowers”.
  33. Lilith: Akkadian name meaning “of the night”.
  34. Lilitu: Assyrian name meaning “night”.
  35. Lobelia: An herb.
  36. Luna: Latin form of “moon”.
  37. Maeve: Irish name meaning “intoxicating”.
  38. Marigold: The flower.
  39. Moon
  40. Morgana: English name meaning “sea”.
  41. Ophelia: Greek name meaning “help”
  42. Patchouli: An herb.
  43. Persephone: Greek name with unknown meaning. Persephone is the Greek goddess of Spring, Queen of the Underworld, and wife of Hades.
  44. Poppy: The flower.
  45. Raven: A bird.
  46. Rhea: Greek name of unknown origin. Rhea was a titan in Greek Mythology.
  47. Rosalind: Latin name meaning “beautiful rose”.
  48. Rose: The flower.
  49. Rosemary: An herb.
  50. Rue: An herb.
  51. Saffron: A spice.
  52. Sapphira: Alternative form of “Sapphire”.
  53. Scarlette/Scarlett/Scarlet: English word for the color red.
  54. Sitara: Hindi name meaning “star”.
  55. Soleil: French name meaning “sun”.
  56. Spring: Old English name meaning “to burst forth, to leap”, can be named after the body of water or the season.
  57. Summer: The season.
  58. Tansy: A flower
  59. Terra: Latin name meaning “earth”.
  60. Thalia: Greek name meaning “to blossom”. Thalia was the name of one of the three Graces.
  61. Thyme: An herb.
  62. Willow: A tree.
  63. Winter/Wynter: The season.
Herbs are always a great item to turn to when searching for earthy baby names.
Herbs are always a great item to turn to when searching for earthy baby names.

Unisex Names

  1. Avery: Old English name meaning “elf ruler”.
  2. Ember
  3. Flax: An herb.
  4. Lark: A bird.
  5. Mullein: An herb.
  6. Pax: Latin name meaning “peace”.
  7. Peta: Greek name meaning “stone”.
  8. Rain/Rayne
  9. River
  10. Robin: After the bird, or a diminutive of Robert, which means “bright fame”.
  11. Rowan: The tree.
  12. Sage: An herb.
  13. Suma: An herb.
  14. Sky/Skye
  15. Morgan: Old Welsh name meaning “sea”.
  16. Yarrow: An herb.

Do you have a favorite Pagan/Witchy/Earthy baby name? 


22 thoughts on “105 Fun & Unique Pagan Baby Names

  1. That is really interesting, You are a very skilled
    blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking extra
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  2. There is also Rocío, which is Spanish for “dew”, as a girl name. Ignatius, a boy name, means “fire” (it’s where the word “ignition” comes from). Isadore, Isidro and Isadora all mean “gift from Isis”, Theodore or Theodora (Dora) mean “gift from the gods” and Pandora means “gift from Pan”. And Zoe which is the Greek word for life that lives on through death.
    I love your blog, by the way!


  3. I had a hard time picking pagan friendly names too, I ended up calling my kids Athena and Apollo, but a lot of your names on your list were close too. Ember, Aurora, and River were all close for girls names and Sage was a boys name we contemplated. Picking names is so hard and such a big responsibility!


  4. Good list! 🙂 My oldest is Ophelia, I also have a Fiammetta (italian for fluttering flame or firefly) and a Persephone.. if I ever have another girl she will be Evangeline! 3 boys too.. Settimio (after my great grandad, means 7th son) Salvatore (means savior) and my newest is Valentino 🙂 I don’t think I’ll be having more babies but names are always fun to look at!


      1. Thanks 🙂 To be completely honest I haven’t read either! My introduction to Ophelia came about when I was 15 and saw a beautiful painting of Ophelia (from Hamlet) dead and floating in the water. She just looked very angelic. As for Evangeline, it was the princess and the frog movie 🙂 haha! And then there is the actor Evangeline Lily (lost, the hobbit, etc) I do want to read the poem though!


  5. I’m slavic pagan and we rahter use slavic names from old times. A lot of them is not unisex, but can really easy become unisex – now, I use name “Sławomira” and my father was “Sławomir”. In Polish when name ends on -a you can suppose it’s for girls.
    My favourite name are Sławomira and Sławomir, what means a person who become famous/respected (sława= now it means “fame” but it meant sth like glory) by peace (in Russian: mir). I also like “Watrosław” – the ending means the same what in Sławomir the beginning meant and watra is fire, from Persian. But this could be also translated: the one who worship (sławić= old worship) fire. And also beautiful are Tworzymir (Creating Peace) and Dadźbóg (bóg=god, it is also name of one of gods, god of fire).
    The names which you presented are really interesting and what’s good – a lot of them is herbal and earthy.


  6. I am going for the name Marceline (young warrior) Nyx (Goddess of the night, daughter of Khaos and Erubus) , if we have a girl. And my hubby likes the name Cyrus for a boy.


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