Hi there. My name is Danielle. This blog is my little space on the internet in which I can try to compile my thoughts into cohesion. My life is busy, hectic, confusing, challenging, and worthwhile. This space, this blog, is my therapy to help me continue to navigate through it all. This isn’t a mommy blog. Being a mom is a part of my life and is often a feature of this blog. 
In my life are three pint-sized humans who have honored me with the title of “Mama”. These three humans are referred to throughout the blog as, “The A Team”, or “Big A”, “Little a”, and “Bitty A”, respectively. Assisting me along this journey of co-parenting is the person that I refer to as “Viking Man” throughout the blog. He makes fantastic omelets and blue-eyed babies.

Our day-to-day lives consist of homeschooling/unschooling, alternating work schedules, coven meetings, herbal medicine crafting, neurodivergent headbutting, dehydrating placentas, trilingual conversations, weekend hikes in the Ozark/Ouachita Mountains foraging fungi, and cafe con leche breaks in-between.

To break all of that down: I work as a full spectrum doula, herbalist, and writer. Viking Man works a factory job 10+ hours a day, while also working towards starting a business. He and I are both practicing Pagans/Wiccans and we try to work actively within our Pagan community. We’re a neurodivergent family, meaning, some of us within our family have neurological variances that make us different and unique from societal norm. Some of those variances include Autism, ADHD, and OCD. In addition to neurological variances, I personally deal with a few chronic illnesses and degenerative issues (including being Hard of Hearing) that make day-to-day life sometimes difficult. We’re also a culturally diverse family. I’m a white-presenting person of Latin American (mostly Cuban) decent. I typically refer to myself as being Latinx, because I also identify as genderqueer. Viking Man is of primarily Oglala Sioux and Swedish heritage. He and I do our best to bring up the tiny humans with a fully immersive life encompassing many aspects of all three cultures and languages. Since I’m Hard of Hearing (HoH), we’re a family that also uses ASL (American Sign Language) in our everyday lives. All of this, I suppose, leads to a very interesting homeschooling experience for the little ones.

In my spare time, I’m an English student, a researcher of traditional and indigenous birth and medicinal practices, a music lover, a connoisseur of fair trade coffee and chocolate, and wearer of head veils.

Welcome to my space.




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