Services I Offer

Thank you for your interest in the services that I offer.

I am a trained herbalist, birth and bereavement doula, and writer, amongst other things. All of these services I offer locally and elsewhere. My primary focus with my work is my community. My goal is to help foster a better community for my children and their friends to grow, learn, and flourish. In order to foster a better community, I do the majority of my herbalist and doula work in the Fort Smith and Russellville, Arkansas areas. If my schedule allows, I am more than happy to travel to work with families and individuals who are interested in my services.

For information about my herbalist service, you can read up on the consultations I offer here. I also own and operate an online herbal apothecary, which can be found here. If you’re in my local area (Fort Smith/Fayetteville, Arkansas), I can also do local orders without a shipping fee.

If you’re looking for a doula, I work primarily in the Arkansas River Valley region, but I also will do traveling doula work if my schedule permits it. I am a trained birth and bereavement doula and work primarily with families expecting rainbow babies (babies after loss), but I work all birth and bereavement situations. You can find my doula blog here, as well as follow my doula page on Facebook. If you look through my main blog,, you will find my own birth stories and experiences and how they have shaped my perspective around birth and bereavement.

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